Garden Update- Freeze Preperations

The big news today is that a big freeze is going to hit tonight. This is why some of the “old timers” don’t put out their summer crops until after Easter! After work, I stopped at Wells Bros to buy some freeze blankets. They were sold out, so I checked Home Depot. They had some burlap fabric, so I bought that. I’ve never tried to do this, so I’m curious if it will work.

I took pictures of everything that might die in the cold tonight, just to remind me to make cages next year!

This one didn’t survive my over-watering before transplant.

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2 Responses to Garden Update- Freeze Preperations

  1. Maryanne says:

    Are you trying to grow cigarettes in the second to the last one?

  2. Santa Ken says:

    Hard way to grow tobacco! At least it didn’t freeze here, last night. I just threw pots over my stuff.

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