What is a Prepper?

The Ft.Worth Star Telegram published a pretty nice article on “Modern Survivalism”. (original story at link) A few of my favorite quotes are listed below.

Referred to as “modern survivalists” or “preppers,” they are taking steps to protect and provide for their families should something bad happen.

Preppers are regular people with regular jobs who decided after 9-11, after Hurricane Katrina or when their 401(k)s tanked that they can’t rely on someone else to help them if something goes awry.

“We are normal people just like you,” Spirko said. “We just understand that, sometimes, stuff goes wrong.”

“I think it is time to stop watching American Idol and start paying attention to what is going on in the world.”

“Survival today is more about being prepared for short-term situations, like hurricanes, floods and blizzards,” Bob said. “.?.?. Learn some basic skills like gardening, first aid and personal defense. Become self-reliant like our grandparents were.”

“…To me, survivalism is really just preparing for day-to-day inconveniences or emergencies.”

“People are always waiting for someone else to come and help them,” he said. “To me, survivalism is just waking back up to traditional American values. I’m talking about basic self-responsibility, basic self-worth — understanding that you control your life more than anybody else.

“If you do nothing, you may not regret it. But if you do regret it, you are really going to regret it.”

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