My First Flight

Brandon and I went up to see Louie at his flight school. He gave us the grand tour of his empire out at the airport. Here is his newest airplane. This one is pretty fancy, it has a parachute for the plane, in case things get really bad.

This is his twin engine airship.

This is the one he “let me drive”.

That’s me on the left, Louie on the right. He is telling me “you are going to take off, this is how you do it”.

Start up the engine.

Here is a picture at takeoff, that is Lubbock International Airport on the left.

This is the intersection of 82nd and Quaker from about 5000 feet. If you look real close you can see Amber’s Tahoe parked in the driveway of mom’s house.

This is Texas Tech Jones Stadium.

This is be banking right to line up for landing.

Things started happening pretty fast at this point in time. Flaps, throttle, aim for the big white squares.

Almost on the ground.

Taxing back.

What a great experience! It crazy to feel the airplane take off under my own control. I’m going to try to forget about it for a while because I don’t need another obsession/hobby right now. (and I’m pretty sure I can’t afford this one) Many thanks for Louie’s generosity!

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  1. Jim Knapp says:

    Hey! Glad you didn’t go up in the Cirrus! You know why they have a parachute right? It’s because the stall characteristics sucked so bad that the FAA said “If you want to make that thing you have to put a parachute on it!”

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