Garden Update March 19, 2009

I’ve been short on time, but I did work feverishly to get as much done as possible, since it is time for spring planting, and I’ll be traveling for work and miss out on home time. I was very impressed to find a bunch of worms in a scoop of dirt. I guess I’m doing something right!

I had a few pepper plant seedlings that I went ahead and planted. I hope it’s not too early.

My poor tomato seedlings look bad. I think their roots were too wet and starving for oxygen. I hope they do OK in the dirt.

My lettuce is doing great. The broccoli is getting eaten up by these dang worms.

I built a quick little support for the peas.

The fig tree is putting out leaves.

The plum tree is blooming.

Here is the view as of yesterday.

Most of the strawberry plants are growing up healthy.

One of the blueberry plants is putting out leaves.

The other blueberry plant might not live after being eaten by a dog.

We made a big salad from the lettuce from the garden.

I planted some sweet corn.

The grape vines are budding.

The pear tree is budding too.

Blackberry bushes are flowering.

The potato plant pushed up through the newspaper in the raised bed.

Spinach in the pot looks good.

I planted beans.

Some cucumbers.



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