Garden Update February 22, 2009

This is the bed with most of the stuff in it. Broccoli, lettuce, swiss chard, onion, and peas.

The broccoli in the next bed has some funny spots on the leaves.

Some of the lettuce has burnt edges.

The new onions look like they are going to survive.

This broccoli is pretty big.

The onion in the north bed looks very green and healthy.

The blackberry bushes are starting to put out new buds.

The pound of red wigglers came in the mail on Thursday while I was out of town. I soaked a bunch of torn up newspaper in water to make new bedding for them. The are pretty active little worms. I gave them some strawberry scraps and an old watermelon rind to see how they like that.

I put the red wigglers in the right compartment. The small number of Canadian nightcrawlers are still in the left side.

The containers of lettuce and spinach on the deck are doing ok, but I don’t think they are getting enough sun light.

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