More Gadgets for Quadzilla

I needed to change the oil in Quadzilla today, but I wanted to get the auxiliary input module connected to my stereo first. I started by soldering a stereo RCA cable to a 3.5mm female panel mount socket.

Then I mounted the switch and socket into an unused panel on the dashboard.

Here is the module I used. It gives me two additional inputs when I set the radio to the “satellite” input, so I can connect an external MP3 player now without using a finicky FM modulator. The 3 position switch then selects between the satellite and two new inputs. I’m not overly impressed with the design of this module. It is super simple, but uses up all kinds of real estate needlessly. Luckily, these GM trucks have lots of unused space inside the dash. I also wish it included a gain adjustment for each input.

Then, I mounted the cell phone mount that I’ve had for a few months. It came with a suction-cup mount to stick to your windshield, but that method is for losers. I drill holes and use bolts!

I can use my GPS application or listen to music and have it mounted in a usable/stable location now. I do need to come up with a way to mount a power outlet nearby, because the phone eats through the battery when the TomTom application and GPS are running.

So, 5 hours later, I did finally get the oil changed!

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