Garden Update 2/08/2009

The three pepper plants have sprouted.

I moved them to my nightstand where they will get sun light. I still haven’t set up my grow light in the garage yet.

I planted all the other tomato and pepper plants that I got from Steve.

Here are my three tomato plants that I took out of the starter box earlier.

I need to get peas, carrots, and radishes in the ground this week! I’ll take more pictures of the garden. I noticed that the peas I already have in the ground are starting to sprout, and the spinach and lettuce I put in the containers have sprouted also.

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One Response to Garden Update 2/08/2009

  1. curtis burlbaw says:

    B, just know that I did something like this last year, went and transplanted the stuff in early April and just about everything bit it. I had a few carrots and one Roma tomato plant survive. The one tomato plant gave me plenty of maters though. I know that my prob was that they went from partially sunlight straight to full. I should have moved them to a somewhat shady spot, but oh well.

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