I Forgot About the Sun

Yesterday just before sundown I was rushing to get my onion sets in the soil. I choose the bed that I had just prepared the soil in because the others had layers of hay and newspaper, and I figured it would make things difficult. I didn’t pay attention to the sun, take a look at this picture that was taken around 2:30pm.

So all those onions won’t be seeing any sun! Dang, that was a dumb mistake. I’ll now remember that the two southern beds are “mostly shade” in the winter months. Here is a close up of all the onions.

I planted another row of onions in the northern bed. I used an old worn out 1/2″ percusion drill bit. This worked much better than the little stick I was using yesterday. I poked right though the layers of mulch, newspaper, and hay.

I planted some peas to see if they would sprout in this cold weather. We’ll see.

Moved on to improving the soil in bed number 1. I removed some of the thick clay and placed it in that green container in the background, layered with hay. This is my experiment to see if I can raise some worms. I’ll have to go read up on how to run a worm farm. I added vermiculite and compost/greensand/lava sand to the soil.

I put a layer of hay over bed number 1, and then did the same thing to bed number 2.

This is what the situation looked like at sundown.

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5 Responses to I Forgot About the Sun

  1. laura says:

    Have you always put this much effort into your garden?

  2. Brian says:

    No way… If I had my arse in gear earlier, then I wouldn’t be required to do all this work now! I’ve set a goal for myself this year to put a real effort into growing my own food. Once I figure out a few things (like where the sun is) then things will be much smoother (I think).

  3. David C says:

    Brian’s P-Touch label printer must not be working. I know this because I don’t see any labels on the raised beds.

  4. Nancy S. says:

    Bummer about the sun. You will have to tell me how you like(or don’t) the swiss chard. It is interesting……..

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