North Texas Vegetable Gardening Information

I’m trying to publish as much information as possible about my gardening learning experience. The first place I record my activities is of course here, in my blog, but I’m also creating two other resources:

1- Facebook group “North Texas Vegetable Gardeners“: This is an open discussion group dedicated to the folks who are living around the DFW area who are interested in backyard vegetable gardening (and fruits). Raised beds, square foot gardening, non-GMO, sustainable food, sustainable lifestyle, organics, seed saving, soil improvement, and self-sufficiency are all words you will become familiar with. Facebook allows unlimited photo and video uploads and has a built-in “event” feature that will let us enter in important reminders, like when to plant! If you don’t already have a facebook account, I recommend setting one up. Social networking is an amazing technology, and I think facebook is the best tool right now.

2- I’ll focus on having lots of easy to understand reference information here. How to select a planting site, what to plant, when to plant, how to plant, etc.

If you are interested in providing chemical-free food for your family, that costs less and tastes better, all while teaching yourself valuable skills, I suggest you get started with a small garden and plant some vegetables this year. Take a look at the two links above too!

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