Bryson Understands

Sappy Blogish Alert.

When I was giving Bryson his bath tonight, I looked up from reading my book (Square Foot Gardening– if you are interested in backyard vegetable gardening, you must read this book!) and caught him pushing the soap dispenser again. Just 10 minutes earlier I explained to him that was not a toy and he was not to play with it. I turned on my mean daddy voice and said, “BRYSON!”. He convulsed and immediately jerked away from the soap bottle, obviously aware that he just got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing. Then he looked at me (I was giving him my best “you did something wrong” face) and he started crying. After he calmed back down he was fine, but I was very touched… My interpretation of the situation is that he really does want to do what I want, but he is overwhelmed by what is right in front of him and doesn’t always make the right choice. I think I hear this story almost every Sunday… Very powerful.

Next, as we were getting dressed, he freaked out when the fastener tab pulled off the diaper (damn Kimberly Clark bonder!). He kept repeating “ahat ooohhh”. He was nearly devastated, even after I had a new diaper installed. I had to explain that it broke and we would just have to throw it away. (I don’t think he understood the whole part about quality control and how finicky the special Huggies ultrasonic rotary bonding equipment was) He just wasn’t sure how we were going to move on past this terrible disaster!

OK, kinda pointless, but I felt like sharing.

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  1. Nancy S. says:

    Just a small jab….if you used a superior diaper you wouldn’t have that problem. :) haha

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