There’s No Pleasing Some Women

Since I spent the whole weekend working on the garden, I didn’t get to my brake lines on Betty. I came home tonight determined to get them changed out. As I went outside in the dark, I thought how nice it would be to work on the car in the garage instead of outside in the driveway.

Way back this summer, we actually cleaned the garage to a point that a car could almost be parked in it. There were a few remaining things that needed to be taken care of, and those things have prevented full garage usage ever since. I decided to just push everything to the side and make it work tonight. This picture represents the very first time a vehicle has ever entered into this garage. The house is 6 1/2 years old.

So you would think Amber would be very happy that there was now space for a car, right? Well, I should have had the video camera recording when she drove up and saw the beautiful green Betty parked in what she had laid claim to as hers. It makes me blush just thinking about all those terrible words she used.

Anyway, after I got the car set up on jack stands and the back wheels off, switching out these hoses turned out to be a very simple job. My fancy brake bleeder made short work of getting all the air out of the lines afterward.

Here are the old hoses. Lots of cracks… the corroded line inside was exposed on one of them.

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One Response to There’s No Pleasing Some Women

  1. Amber says:

    No terrible words were said. Just some very pitiful looks by me and Bryson being totally confused how a car got into the garage.

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