Seed Overload

All the seeds I’ve been ordering came in the mail. I’m overwhelmed with variety. My wife is sure I’m nuts. Several people were interested in sharing seeds with me. Everything I have is here, so let me know what you want.


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2 Responses to Seed Overload

  1. Santa Ken says:

    ok dude, I like what I see. IF you have enough, here’s my list, so let me know what my ‘cut’ is.
    Jalapeno’s (6 seeds)
    Sweet Corn (25 seeds)
    Cucumber (6 seeds)
    Leaf Lettuce (12 seeds)
    Okra ( 10 seeds)
    Riesen. Tomatoes (6 seeds)
    Brandywine Tomatoes (6 seeds)
    Mini Red Bells (10 seeds)
    Supersweet Tomatoes (6 seeds)
    Or however ya wanna divide them up, since I have no idea on the quantity’s you bought.
    Thanks man

  2. Brian says:

    I’ll bring all my seeds this week if I ever make it back to the office! (I am hoping for Thursday) Most of those packets have over 100 seeds, but not sure about the corn, those seeds are big so I might not have enough.

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