Betty’s Unnecessary Operation

I convinced myself that the problem a few mornings ago was due to sludge and debris built up inside the fuel tank. So, today, set out to pull the tank out and clean it. After finally getting it out (which is a very messy job) I was disappointed to see that the strainer was pretty clean.

I don’t think it was a problem at all. The tank was a little dirty, but not bad. I took a picture to prove that I actually did get it completely removed, a bit of a victory after taking a bath in diesel. I’m not sure what to do next to fix the intermittent power loss problem. Now I’m back to thinking it is a vacuum problem. One of the control lines or actuators is leaking? HellifIknow

I did have some success with Betty this weekend. The muffler was hanging by some wire.

Now it has 4 rubber donuts holding it up. These donuts are $5 each at the parts store. You can order them on the Internet for $0.79 each.

I also installed my two new brake calipers and wear sensors. They were so beautiful, I had to take a picture.

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