Issues with blog server

Not sure anyone reads my blog and expects new material, but if you are and you do, then be aware that I am having issues right now. I lost my home router on Christmas day and decided to replace it with a different brand and model, and as a result, I can’t view my blog site from home. (I think it is a bug in the router’s firmware, I working with tech “support”) I have started the process of moving my site over to a hosted server, but that is a time consuming process, and I’m always short on time.

In other news, quadzilla is falling apart on me. The transmission is on its last leg, and the rear wheel steering faulted out 3 times yesterday, and I noticed that the battery voltage was only around 12v instead of 14v, so my alternator might be going out. The transmission was no surprise, since I am putting 200 extra horsepower through it, but the other things are disappointing. I’ve got a beefy new transmission on order, but there is a 4 week lead time on it.

Betty needs new brake pads, and I have the heater controls ripped out of the dash and laying in the floor. I hope I can get home tonight with a little time to at least change out the brakes so I can drive it instead.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of great pictures from Christmas I want to post, so those are coming up. I’ve already uploaded most of them to Google Picasaweb, so if you are interested you can look there, but there won’t be any witty text to go with it.

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2 Responses to Issues with blog server

  1. Jonathan says:

    What brand-model is the new router that is giving you problems?

  2. Brian says:

    It is a Netgear, not sure of model number right now… don’t worry, I have all the correspondence with tech support saved, and will post it when I have some time this weekend. The answer from Netgear was that they don’t support the “feature” I need on their “home” models, only on their “business” models.


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