The Snider Method

Kim was nice enough to let me take a picture with her and her new book. She convinced me to buy one because I like her story and I think there is more about her in the book than what she told us verbally.

Her motto is “Live, Learn, Pass it on”. How cool is that! In my earlier years, I lived by the “Live and Learn” mentality, but I really missed the last “Pay It Forward” component, and that is too bad. That is the part that has the most potential to make a positive difference in the world.

Many people get all crazy about movie stars and football players, but I don’t care much about them. They are way over-rated and they are usually rich and famous because of a natural talent and good luck, not really my definition of a self-made-man kind of person. 95% of the time when one of them opens their mouth to share their opinions they are simply wasting good oxygen. I feel differently about Kim. She has worldly success because of her hard work and determination (and a decent amount of intelligence for sure). It is lots of fun to hear her rail against all the Wall Street BS, and by the way, she has developed the best method of investing your money for good, safe, long term cash flow. I recommend everyone that wants to retire someday take her class. At the very least, listen to one of her free information sessions and ask her lots of questions and get to know her a little bit to decide.

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