Purple Mailbox Bit the Dust

Amber and I were lucky enough to go on a date night. We went to see the movie “Australia”, which was a great movie. While we were filling up with gas, we witnessed a dumbass drive their car right over a boulder that was placed on the corner of a driveway. 10 seconds later, I saw a near-accident as another dumbass pulled right out in front of oncoming traffic and almost got flattened. On the road home I was sure we saw a drunk driver. He made several abrupt moves and poor judgment calls, and almost ran us over at one point. When I turned on our block, I saw several bricks on the road… then I noticed that the mailbox was missing.

Mom’s poor purple mailbox. It managed to last for 31 years. I remember growing up that almost every other house on the block had their mailbox run over at some time.

Chunks of brick and mortar were scattered everywhere.

A few car parts were left.

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