Failed Christmas Picture Attempt

One of the things we wanted to get done while we were in Lubbock was take a family picture to use for Christmas cards. As we approached the statue of Will Rogers, Bryson started misbehaving.

We gave up on him and just took a picture of the two of us. (you can see him pushing his stroller in the corner of the picture)

Guns Up!

We moved over to memorial circle to see if the situation might improve some.

At least one decent picture.

He was not interested in posing for the camera.

After a while we thought it was funny.

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6 Responses to Failed Christmas Picture Attempt

  1. Nancy says:

    Sorry for my lack of TTU knowledge, but why is that mad riding the horse in red? Y’all TP’d yourselves?? ;)

  2. Brian says:

    That is Will Rogers. They mounted the horse so that his ass-end is pointed directly toward Texas A&M.

    We TP ourselves for game day. Since it is tradition, it is cool and not dumb! That is why we have traditions, right?

  3. Nancy says:

    I suppose since it is tradition then it is not a strange as I originally thought. Does Will Rogers have a personal thing against the Aggies or is it just the Tech people that installed the statue that gave Will this poop on you stance? I am sincere in my questioning since I really don’t care either way, just looking for knowledge.

  4. Brian says:
    Horse statues typically are pointed so they are “riding into the sunset”. In this case, that would have the rear-end of the horse as the first thing people would see as they entered campus.

    I am disappointed in your native-Lubbock and TTU alumni husband. He should have educated you on the greatness of TTU AND be telling stories about these things to your kids!

  5. Roxanne says:

    Smart kid! Maybe he wanted to take it with a Bearkat!

  6. Steve says:

    You Raiders and your bronze horses. Actually, I think it points to a liquor joint outside the wettest, dry city in Texas.

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