Parenting Conference

Amber and I spend Friday evening and most of the day Saturday at Watermark’s “High Stakes Parenting Conference 2008”.

They had Tim Hawkins perform Friday night. This guy is hilarious. If you ever get a chance to see him, do it.


The location of the conference was the fancy-pants “Shops at Legacy” in Plano. It you can get past the extreme materialism (I counted 3 hummers parked on one block) that defines this part of the metroplex, it is a beautiful area. The two restaurants we ate at were great, and it was nice to walk through the area, around all the landscaping and water features.

The conference itself was great. I picked up several tools to help me in the area of parenting. Some of the speakers are obviously exceptional parents, even though when asked they will tell you they muddle through it themselves. Unexpectedly, I not only learned new methods and tools to help me in parenting, I also learned more about the role and responsibility I have, in a way I had not considered before. There were some of the break out sessions that I didn’t get to attend, but I’m told they will be available on video soon at Watermark’s website.

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