Betty Let me Down Today

I drilled and tapped holes on the inner fender and mounted the two solenoid valves and put air in the tires (they don’t hold air for very long) so I figured I’d drive Betty to my meeting this morning. I was pretty proud… she was driving and handling pretty good. I did notice some smoke coming from under the car at a stop light. That was a little embarrassing. I figured it was some of the transmission fluid burning off of the exhaust. It leaked out when I had it jacked up at an odd angle for 3 weeks. No big deal.

About 2 miles from the house, I thought I felt the brake pedal give way a little more than normal. Sure enough, I had mushy brakes. Worse than mushy, after a few more tries, I noticed that I had NO BRAKES! I could get some pressure by pumping a few times. ARGH.

I made it home and popped the hood. Plenty of fluid left in the master cylinder reservoir. No apparent leaks at any of the calipers. My guess is a bad master cylinder or maybe ABS module. Good grief!

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  1. Planopurist says:

    Should have named her Bobby instead of Betty.

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