A Proud Daddy Moment

We went to the air show in Ft. Worth this afternoon to watch the Thunderbirds perform. Midway through the performance, Amber had to go make use of the porta-potty. 4 of the planes were doing this beautiful twisting/climbing/turning maneuver directly in front of us, when the 2 other sneaky planes came from behind and flew right over us with their afterburners glowing. It was cool and loud and made my hair stand up, but I instantly thought Bryson would be scared so I bent down to check on him. He locked eyes with me and had a big grin on his face, he loved it too!

There were quite a few killing machines to see. Here is an Apache.

The warthog. I want to give Betty a paint job like this.

American Airlines had one of their new Boeing 777s there. It is big.

Bryson likes planes!

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  1. Planopurist says:

    I didn’t read anything about the tears you shed b/c Amber left you with Bryson while she relieved herself. It’s time for you to man-up, baby! Leave amber at home next time.

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