Amber has her parking space back

Betty is running again. I’m ready to start the electrical wiring of the two solenoid valves, temperature gauge, install the fuel gauge, and the switches and indicator lights. I had to remove the back seat again to correct an interference issue with the hoses going into the trunk. I reassembled the passenger side door, decided to just disconnect the vacuum lock actuator and have old school manual locks only for now… I’m not that interested in troubleshooting my way through the whole vacuum system right now. So the passenger door lock works now, yippee. Remember that welding fix I did a while back? Well, it came loose. I spent 2 hours trying to weld it back, which I did finally. I tried to reinforce it this time; I used some bent sheet metal. The end result was too ugly for a picture, but I think it will hold now.

I drove her to the gas station to fill up the diesel tank and get a drive through wash. Did I mention that neither of the two back doors seal very well? A car wash results in an interior shower. Whatever, I don’t care about that right now!

My installation instructions are starting to look like something useful now.

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