Finally Joined the Club

Amber and I both took a day off of work to go to the “State Fair of Texas“. This is a tradition of sorts for us, and we both love going each year. We have been pressured year after year by a buddy of mine that we “need” a Vita-Mix. We already have 4 blenders (I’m not kidding), so neither of us really thought we needed another one, although we always enjoy sitting down in the air conditioned exhibit hall and watching the Vita-Mix demonstrations. (free yummy snacks and stand-up comedy routine, of sorts) We were very temped to buy one a few years ago after tasting the fresh peanut butter the guy made in a few seconds.

After negotiating the spectacle that is the state fair, the obligatory Fletcher’s corney dog and tornado fries, strolling through all the waterless cookware booths, the embroidered hat booths, the teeth whitening booth, candy booths, miracle car wax, etc, we again found ourselves at the Vita-Mix booth, eagerly waiting to see what that crazy guy was making this year. We plopped down our credit card and made ourselves the proud owner of the blender to replace all other blenders, the Vita-Mix 5200.

As soon as we got it home, I washed it out and made a strawberry Daiquiri. (we didn’t have any margarita mix) What it does to ice is magical. It turns a normally good frozen drink into a smooth, creamy, soft-serve of alcoholic bliss. Throw those other blenders away already!

Amber started reading through the cookbook that came with it, and poof, she was off to the grocery store. She returned with bags of fresh vegetables. I threw in a carrot, some cloves of garlic, some cilantro, and half of a jalapeño, and three roma tomatoes, just like I remembered on the demonstration early today. (I forgot the onion though) This is what I ended up with.

It was good; I ate it all; Amber only got a taste. Must make more tomorrow, and remember onion next time.

Then I moved on to tortilla soup. I threw all of this stuff in there.

Plus a can of corn and a handful of chips, and I had this. (it was steamy hot, heat from the 37,000 rpm blade)

I feel like I belong to a group of elite beings now, as a Vita-Mix owner. I can do things that others don’t even know about. I wonder… is this how Mac users live?

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3 Responses to Finally Joined the Club

  1. Matt says:

    My little Brian is all grown up.

  2. David Callaway says:

    What? No mention of the vegetable slicer that you also bought? I KNOW the Vita-Mix is great, but I would really like a review of the vegetable slicer.

  3. Brian says:

    The hand peeler works great. The crinkle slicer works great too. I made apple slices that tasted the same and were harder to handle because they were so fragile. Amber made some Chic-fil-a clone potatoes that didn’t bake consistently in the oven… I think it is critical that you get a single layer on the cookie sheet.

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