Campaign Propaganda

After the McCain-Obama debate last Friday, I was left feeling like I just sat down at a nice restaurant and ordered a nice meal, and was served a tuna sandwich. My expectations were obviously off. It was somewhat entertaining to watch the banter, but I’d already heard much of the speeches before, and I didn’t get much out of it all personally.

Below is an excerpt of an email from a co-worker, which includes some useful websites. Please seriously consider what he says here.

The purpose of this email is to open up perspective and, more importantly, motivate people to do their homework before voting. Most people filter what they see and hear because it’s easy and reconciles how we want to perceive the world with our preconceived notions. Campaign managers & strategists (in both parties) know this and attack us with sound bites and gimmicks to use our misconceptions against us. They also know that most Americans won’t go back and fact check so white lies can become concrete fact. I’m just trying to fight the propaganda machines and do my part to help my fellow Americans.

Useful Links (I know you’re going to be on the internet today anyway so why not take a few minutes to learn something about your politicians): (you’ll learn a lot about the candidate your currently support here)

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