If Betty ever runs again, this is what I’m doing!

It is a funny breed of person that will do this stuff to a car. (OK, I see the irony, I know) Rumor has it that this car used to have nice wheels too. I wonder if this was done as a joke, but something tells me the owner was all business. It really helps to have a good sense of humor!

Features on the rear: various fad stickers, chrome “turbo” and “limited edition” emblems, huge chrome exhaust tip, ill-fitted trunk lid, and a handicap license plate.

I didn’t get a pic from the side.. there more more stickers… like “NOS”, etc
Lots of extra lights on the front. glue-on non-functioning air scoops, 4 non-functional but realistic looking exhaust pipes, more stickers.

I wish I had a better picture of the interior. It looked cool. Lots of red and black carpet, all kinds of brightly colored replacement plastic and stainless parts. I was trying to get a good picture of the 8-way cigarette lighter adapter Christmas tree creation. It was a beauty.

I was actually surprised that the owner didn’t come out to see what in the hell I was doing. I was laughing very loudly and making quite a scene with my camera phone. Wow, what can I say?

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