Some New Holes in Betty

As of right now, the prime parking spot where Amber’s vehicle normally sits is occupied by a 24 year old green Mercedes, sitting on jack stands and missing all of its seats. I’m not sure how long this will be tolerated, so I need to speed along on this project! I was getting tired of neatly stacking parts in the garage, so I just started throwing things on the grass and behind me on the driveway.

I get discouraged quickly when I’m cleaning up nasty grime. When I took the seats out, there were too many toothpicks and gooey beverage remains. This is what I found when I removed the plastic liners from the trunk.

The interior looks cool now! Nothing cluttering it up.

I tried to save a step and remove the air filter cover and nut all in the same motion. That was a bad idea because the nut bounced off and down into the air intake. After I removed the air filter assembly and intake tube, I found the nut, sitting right in front of the turbo impeller, just waiting to destroy those fins! A very bad idea!

I updated the cost tracker spreadsheet. I’ve got most of what I need, the biggest item I still need to buy is a tank.

I’ve created details of some of my work on the “installation” page. I accomplished getting the coolant “tees” installed and the holes in the chassis that will allow the hose-in-hose assembly to be run from the engine compartment back to the trunk.

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  1. Amber says:

    I am currently being patient about the loss of my parking spot but if he doesn’t stay on track that may change.

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