Travel to LA

We packed up and drove to see nana in Lubbock for the weekend.  Bryson is not much fun in the car.  He doesn’t like being stuck in one place.  Thank goodness we borrowed a friend’s portable DVD player… that made a huge difference.

There were many things that needed to be done when I arrived. Mom’s garage door wasn’t working right and she couldn’t get the remote programmed. I suggested that we repaint the mailbox, since it was a pitiful, weathered color. I should have known that she would pick out a crazy color if left the option!

Mom wanted a way to backup all her digital pictures, so I installed a DVD burner in her computer. Grandma was having issues with her computer, and I wound up completely re-installing the OS on her machine. I choose to install Xubuntu (Ubuntu with the Xfce window manager instead of Gnome). I’m amazed that a computer that slow and with less than 200M of RAM actually runs a modern GUI at all. I had to install the OS using the “alternate” install CD that used the text-based installer instead of the graphical installer because of the lack of memory on the computer, but everything worked pretty good other that that.

Mom bought a new battery for Shaun’s Jeep in anticipation that Bryson would like it. You can tell from the picture how that story ended.

Just 2 days with nana and Bryson was already showing signs of being more spoiled!

Wow, rocks!

The look on my face is because I’m using POS tools. I was really needing a good drill bit or a pilot punch tool.

Of course Shaun “helped” too.

I forgot how much nicer the weather in Lubbock is… it is pleasant to be outside!

Mr. “I love to swing doors all day” also enjoyed mom’s gate.

That’s all the news I have today.

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