The Pictoral Story of Mike, Isaac, and a Busted up Pickup

Words of wisdom from Mike:
Never…never….teach your child how to drive and then leave them alone with the keys! One good thing, though, when I got on the scene, the flashers were on. He is always thinking ! Well…not always the right way…like don’t get in the truck and start it and put it in gear without someone there in the first place!

Damage to front bumper, broken fog lamp:

Left quarter panel smashed all to hell:

I’m not clear on the details that caused this:

There is much more to the story. Hopefully by the time you see Mike to ask him about it, enough time will have passed and he can smile while telling you the story!

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4 Responses to The Pictoral Story of Mike, Isaac, and a Busted up Pickup

  1. Jeff Hebert says:

    i wondering how did the tool box get dented?

  2. Michael Berryman says:

    Well, when I left the truck, the tool box lid was open. I presume that when the truck moved forward through the trees, it simply closed down. The problem occured when the truck was then put in the reverse direction, and the lid had no where to go but open! ( I never showed him how to drive in reverse)

  3. Brian says:

    Mike, when are you going to give lessons for backing a trailer up?

  4. David Callaway says:

    Next time we play paintball, I am DEFINITELY NOT leaving the keys in my truck! I will be carrying them with me, so if you want to find me, just listen to the jingle, and then I will be painting your (whoever is not on my team) ass!

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