Another First for Bryson

It is hard to believe that Bryson has never puked before now, but tonight was his first time.

I came home early to take care of him while Amber went to “meet the teacher” night. He was pretty fussy, but we played for a little bit. He climbed on me and wanted to be held, which is strange. I thought he was really tired, so we tried to eat dinner so I could get on with his bath and bed routine. He kept falling asleep at dinner. When I gave up trying to stuff food in his mouth and washed his hands in the sink, his head fell down and hit the faucet. Ooops.

I decided to skip the bath and just throw some PJ pants on him. He agreed that was a good choice and went right to sleep, butt up in the air like normal.

Amber came home about 7:30 and opened his door to check on him. He was awake, so she let him walk around. That is when he puked. (I’m glad I didn’t let Christy borrow our spot bot!)

He has a fever now, and Amber says she is sure he caught the virus that one of the boys from daycare has. She will stay home with him tomorrow. Poor boy.

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One Response to Another First for Bryson

  1. Richard says:

    Get ready for many more. He has only just begun!

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