Knol – A Better wikipedia?

Google took their new website live yesterday. This site is basically like wikipedia, but will answer some of it’s shortcomings. Although I personally love the idea of user-generated content, it unfortunately don’t always work perfectly. The quality of the facts isn’t always what is needed, and it is proven once again that a certain number of humans seek to spread ill-will, do harm to others, or engage in dishonest acts.

The content at Knol will be generated by “experts”, or at least verified people. Content will be voted on or rated by users. Ads may also appear on the pages, and authors of the articles will have the option of receiving a percentage of the revenue generated from those ads.

I’m a big fan of Google, and I agree that “The more good free content, the better for the world.” Right now, the number of articles is very limited, but I hope to see the content grow like widipedia has.

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