Betty Makes a Decent Grocery Getter

I didn’t get around to changing the transmission oil like I had planned on, but I did fix the transmission shifting problem I was having. All I had to do was adjust the tension on a cable connected to the IP linkage and it started shifting at the right time. I learned that the transmission behavior is all adjustable through vacuum switches, valves, and gizmos. (I don’t know all the terminology yet.)

I also got the new hood star put on… now I have some cross hairs to use so I know what I’m aiming at.

I’ve got to get the A/C working… that is going to be important. I’ve also got to fix the driver’s seat. It leans to the left and doesn’t provide much support. Oh, and the window motors on both back doors don’t push the glass all the way up.

So I put about 20 miles on her today, went to the hardware megamart and then to pick up dinner. She seems to behave pretty good. I’m working up to a longer trip.

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