Start! Walking Program

I saw a little blurb on the morning news about this program that has groups of people walking at work. I figured it was a good idea: provides much-needed daily exercise, and gives you a good excuse to leave your desk and talk to your buddies once a day. The boss man thought it was a good idea, so I send off to the American Heart Association to get their information packet on it. Instead of just sending something in the mail, their marketing person came out to talk to me in person and gave me lots of good information.

This morning was our inaugural walk. We went 220 steps down to the basement, and then back up to the 10th floor. I was surprised I made it… my legs were on fire when we finished. I’m sure I’ll get better at it after a few days. Soon I hope to go all the way from the basement to the 23rd floor and back down. AHA set up a special website to track your exercise, set goals, compare team members, etc.

I recommend trying to get involved in this wherever you work. I’m hoping the group will keep me interested and encouraged to be a little more active.

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  1. Nancy says:

    good for you, keep it up

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