Trimming Trees

I didn’t intend on trimming the trees today, but I had the pruners in my hand, walking around the yard taking care of a few branches on the plum tree that were hitting the house. I remembered being annoyed by the low branches on the two trees in front, so I started looking at them with more attention. Before I knew it I had a ladder, loppers, and saw in use and had piles of branches everywhere. I even sweet-talked Amber into helping. She showed me up by climbing in the tree.

It really changed the way our house looks from the street. It is much more open now. We need more landscaping!

We made a several little bundles by wrapping the cut branches in natural twine. The city of Allen has a compost program, they shred all the yard waste from the citizens, then provide free compost.

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One Response to Trimming Trees

  1. Nancy says:

    Sure, trim the trees after we were looking at fireworks last night! ;) Just kidding, your trees weren’t the ones in the way….

    Great party, thanks for putting up with us every June. :)

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