North Texas Model Investment Club

Some of the same people I met a few weekends ago are also involved in the North Texas Model Investment Club. This group was formed to provide a place for newcomers to come in and see how investment club meetings work. I attended one of their monthly meetings as a guest this morning. I was impressed with the knowledge of several of the members. It is obvious they have a good understanding of stocks and financial data, and I feel like I could learn a lot from these people.

An interesting point was made, and that is that members are required to participate by periodically doing some homework and then presenting to group during a meeting. The group decides what stocks to buy and sell during these meetings. The group participation creates the distinction between an “investment club” and a “mutual fund”.

I’ve decided being involved in something like this is a great way to

  • become more educated about stock investing
  • gain the ability to understand company financial statements
  • have incentive to spend time and energy in the area of investing

I’m looking into joining the NAIC, seems like just the magazine alone is pretty valuable. If anyone else is interested in going to the next meeting, let me know.

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