Now I’m Sick!

When I got up this morning to get ready for work, I was feeling worse than yesterday. I decided I had better go see a doctor instead of going to work. Turns out I have a sinus and ear infection. Great news. I spent most of the day sleeping. When I was awake, I spent most of the time whining to Amber about how miserable I was. I guess I caught the same cold that Bryson is just now getting over.

In more cheerful news:
Amber broke out a bubble machine toy and set it up outside for Bryson. I can’t believe how many bubbles this thing generates.

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One Response to Now I’m Sick!

  1. Matt says:

    During Julia’s first six months in day care, not a single week went by that either Julia, Jennifer or I wasn’t sick. Julia gets sick at school and gives it to me. I give it to Jennifer who gives it back to Julia who spreads it around to the other kids at school who give it back to her and around again. Between Paris, Knoxville and Conway, we had accumulated quite a stash of free Kleenex from K-C Christmas gift bags and what-not. In six months, we nearly wiped out the entire cache.

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