Watch Where you Step in Texas 2

Email from a cousin of a co-worker:
Hmmmm!! This snake was killed out off the pavement about 300 yards southeast of my house at 10 am Sunday morning, 6-1-08.. He or she was 6 foot long (with the head (as big as your hand) and neck before we cut it off and threw it out in the pasture), measured 4 inches wide at it’s widest point, and was heavy, don’t even want to guess the weight. The snake striked the shovel and knocked it out of my neighbor’s hand while he was trying to hit it in the head. He has more guts than I do! My neighbor told me he killed one last summer that was 7 feet long. This snake gave me the heeebeee jeeebeees!! Seems we have some big ones out here, I killed one last year that was right under 5 feet long.

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