Bryson Update

We took Bryson to Acute Kids Care yesterday evening. He developed a fever and we decided we better figure out why so we could take care of it as soon as we could.

The doctor ask “is he in daycare?”

We told him that he just started going to daycare last week, and he told us we better just get used to this kind of thing! He said the problem was viral, but the goop coming out of his eyes was an indication of an infection, so he gave us a prescription for eye drops.

I staying home with him today. He was tired before 9am, so I’m on a break because he is taking a nap. He is in pretty good spirits, but his nose and eyes are leaking out nasty goop. Some good news is that his ears are fine this time.

So I guess I can say we didn’t even make it two weeks in daycare!

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One Response to Bryson Update

  1. Nancy says:

    Okay, this makes me giggle(not the being sick part). Did y’all go to McKinney or Frisco? Just wanting to know which doctor it was. ;) And, you don’t have to reply, I have the clinic schedule here in front of me. Just tell me the clinic. :)

    Hope he is better soon! Nancy

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