Wheels for Betty

I’ve been looking for a good buy on a spare tire/wheel for Betty. I found a set of wheels this weekend, so now I’ll have 4 spares, not just one! Actually having the extra wheels will make it easier for me to go get a set of tires… I’ll be able to just drop off the loose wheels.

I’ve also been worried about how I’m going to adjust the valves (something you are supposed to do yearly on these engines) without having to buy 2 wrenches that cost $30 each. I bought a few pawn-shop wrenches for $1 each, and will do some crafty bending and welding to make them work.

This is the German-made wrench that you can buy for about $30+

So, another weekend passes and I’ve done no real work on the car… very disappointing.

Valve Adjustment Guide for Mercedes Benz 617 Diesel Engine

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2 Responses to Wheels for Betty

  1. Dr. Bob Bigknuckles says:

    You should plant ‘maters or ‘taters in the old wheels sans tires.

  2. Brian says:

    Wow, that is a grand idea! I think I should put them on the front porch so everyone that walks by can enjoy them!

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