The Nanny Saga

Our nanny quit today. She didn’t show up for work and won’t return calls. Nice huh?

The pre-amble to the saga began a few weeks ago. She started showing up late. Sunday night, she called after 9pm to inform us that she was sick and couldn’t work the next day. Amber was not happy because she had no way to get into school to prepare anything for a sub the next day. So this morning she was a no-show, even though Amber had tried to call her several times yesterday.

Amber is taking it pretty badly, she placed a great deal of trust in this woman and is now doubting many of her previous thoughts.

I found a day-care that could take him on short notice and without a long-term contract. I’m not real impressed with the place, but we just need to make it through the next few weeks until Amber is out of school! Grans is going to keep him tomorrow. It is great to have family!

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  1. Your mother says:

    That is the pits…..Maybe I need to retire in August.

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