Bicycle Trailer

My latest bright idea is that we need a child carrier trailer for our bicycles. The idea is to give me another reason to get out and get some exercise. I found what I thought to be a good deal on craigslist this morning, and I drove over to Carrollton to get the thing.

The lady didn’t know much about it, but I could tell it was a decent trailer, it had larger pneumatic tires, a hitch design that centered on the bike, and a seat configuration that allowed one or two kids to be seated. I don’t see many of these for sale… makes me wonder what the story is.

Once I got it home and read through the owners manual, I found that one of the brace pieces was broke. I’ll call the company Monday to see if I can get a replacement piece. As a bonus, I found 52 cents in change, a Mexican coin, a hair clip, and an 8″ Craftsman adjustable wrench!

Here is what the mounts on the bike look like. There is one on each side.

And a picture of my mud-crusted bike.


Amber was interesting in riding, so I made a trip to the parts store and home depot to get some parts to rig the trailer together for now. We rode about 3 or 4 miles around the neighborhood. Bryson wasn’t very happy at first, but he seemed to do OK when we were moving. I hope he starts to like it more as we go riding more often.

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