The messiest oil change ever

A little more than an oil change, but geez, what a mess I made.

This is the biggest puddle I made… I had the filter sitting safely on it’s cover while I was doing something else. The oil just oozed out of the filter and went everywhere while I wasn’t looking. (It’s a big filter, OK?)

My neighbor had a friend over to weld up some places on his aluminum boat. I begged him to fix the oil cooler, which he did. The top mounting tab was completely separated, the bottom one was close to gone. As I carried the cooler next door, I wasn’t paying attention and let oil run all over my shorts. It was at that point that I realized I was wearing a nice pair of shorts. Oops!

I knew the oil capacity on this engine was more than a gas engine, but it didn’t sink in that I needed a bigger catch pan until mine almost overflowed. It took 9 quarts to fill up since I drained the oil cooler too.

Here are some of the pieces I found in the oil pan. (should I be worried?)

I double checked the torque on all the oil pan bolts, reinstalled the oil cooler, then started pouring in new oil. Guess what I forgot? The oil plug. My driveway will never be the same.

As I was putting up my tools tonight, I found that I had two nuts left in my parts tray. I wish I would have found those BEFORE I let the car down off the jack stands. I give up, I’ll try again another day!

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