Air Cleaner Woes

I had a few hours of time to do some work on the cars, so I decided the most important thing was to get Betty’s air cleaner back together. This looks much nicer than the one I took off. (that oil supply line going to the turbo is supposed to fit on top of the bracket, but I’m leaving it since it works.

I wasn’t sure which mounting holes were supposed to be used, so I took the air cleaner off of Wilma to see how it was assembled. The same damn bracket was broke on her too! (add that to the list)

While cleaning up the air cleaner, a little piece was loose. The reinforcement tab for the mounting hole broke off… likely from the stress incurred when used without the rubber mounts. (add that to the list too) So I’m using Wilma’s parts until I can get this repaired. I’ve decided I really need a welder now.

I’m glad I ordered both rubber gaskets for the intake tube because I needed them both. The one connected to the turbo was trash.

I probably spent 45 minutes trying to insert the air cleaner housing assembly into the air tube with the new rubber gasket. I was ready to throw the whole thing in the street and light the car on fire. Then I got the bright idea to soak it in hot water. That worked, softened it up and FLUP, went right on.

So that’s one more thing fixed, only 37 more things to go, that I know about. I uncovered 2 more problems that I didn’t know before. Fix 1 thing, find 2 more broken things, can you say that is progress?

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