Paintball Game

There was a good turnout for the paintball game today… we had almost 20 people. I got a few good shots in, and I provided great satisfaction to others by allowing them to shoot me in embarrassing locations. Yup, I’m a giver.

OH, for those wondering how the mods on my marker worked:
I was up until 1am re-working the plumbing. When I installed the 4″ braided hose, there was too much pressure on the grip and it wasn’t firing properly. I took everything apart and reworked it so that the geometry was better. During the game, it all worked fine. I don’t like the coiled hose, it kept getting bunched up and was too bulky under my arm. It was better when I secured it over my shoulder, but I’m going to get myself a long braided hose to see how I like that.

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