Tippmann A5 2.0.1 and 2.0.2

I’ve been working to get my marker mods done in time for this weekend. The seemingly simple always turns complicated in my hands.

Here is my prototype from a few nights ago.

Then I changed it up the next night because I figured out that I covered up one of the pins you need to take out to field strip it, and I didn’t need the inlet on top so far back, and I decided the front valve would be more useful if it faced the rear also.

Tonight, I worked on making the bracket to secure all the extra mass hanging off the left side. I tried to retain the “easy to take apart” feature by using a thumb screw. I needed a thumb nut too, but the hardware store is closed so it will have to wait.

I ground down one of those nuts they use in particle board furniture. One side is flat, and I left some metal to clamp around the top rail of the marker. I also drilled it out so it will slide on the bolt/allthread freely.

Then I had to shorten and grind down one face of a coupler nut.

Here is what it looks like in use. Not really pretty, but it should work.

I’m still waiting for my short braided hose to show up… but here is pretty much the completed mess.

And after some camo tape to hide all that shine.

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  1. ABEAR says:

    looks like some kind of gas powered lazer attachment. Hope you dont get caught up in the brush somewhere…….=)

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