Tippmann A5 2.0

I’ve been working on a solution for my paintball marker so I can have the best of everything.

  • Large (and heavy) compressed air tank mounted off the marker so the balance is normal
  • Small CO2 tank mounted on the marker for stability and back-up air source
  • Relief valve to remove tanks without destroying o-rings
  • Lots of knobs and dials, because, well, this is me we are talking about, right?

So here is the prototype:

I still need to work on the mounting, length of the hose, and I’ll have to paint it so it doesn’t shine like a chrome bumper, but I think this should work!

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5 Responses to Tippmann A5 2.0

  1. Lord Fowler says:

    Did you steal those pipe nipples from KC?

  2. Lord Fowler says:

    Everyone knows you like knob Brian.

  3. admin says:

    The KC shop was a very good resource, back when I had access to it! No, all that stuff came from McMaster Carr.

  4. The Brother says:

    That’s all good. I just ordered a new hopper & will be set to full auto.

  5. Mr. Wise says:

    Now all you need to do is add some petrol and a torch to the front….

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