More Houston Trip Pictures

I picked up the car from Eddy. (to quote Dave: “remove a tiny car from a big bad situation”)



I thought this was a real HAM radio guy coming up in my mirror. I was a little disappointed to find out he was just a fishing dude.



Dave said his dad really loves the Houston Skyline, so he took a few pictures to send to him as birthday presents.



This was the last demonstration of my mad trailer backing skills. I hugged the inside corner of the driveway through the turn, then followed the driveway back in a perfect line. Yup, I’m a badass. (having Quadrasteer doesn’t hurt any either)



At this point, the transfer of the title to fulfill Dave’s picture diary was too funny.



Mike’s super-manly skills lets him twist off a non-twist-off beer cap with his bare hands, sorta.



Dave admitted that the reason he brought his camera along was because he was reasonably sure that some sort of catastrophe would happen and he wanted to record it for lasting harassment purposes. Too bad the only thing that was destroyed was his expensive flash when it fell out of the backseat as I was rummaging through the stuff.



What a long day, I’m glad it is almost over!



Three days after being delivered to Mike, he let me know that the car is running again. He replaced the cap, rotor, spark plugs, and fuel filter. He said he was pretty impressed with the engineering that went into the car. I think he is close to getting it road worthy so he can use it as a work commuter car and triple his gas mileage. He refers to the car as “The Goat”. (ugly, but tough)

 A few more pictures are located at

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