Trip to Houston for the Day

Another one of my bright ideas:

Before Wilma and Betty came along, I had a plan in place to buy this old Honda Civic and use it as my daily work commuter car. I had planned to go to Houston to get it from a friend from college. Stick-boy/Mouth/Dave was interested in going with me, to see Eddy and to go shooting for a few hours.

I wound up going anyway, even though I didn’t need the car anymore, but another friend thought he could use it for the same reason. I started out at 6am and didn’t get home until midnight. What a long day!

Quadzilla did a great job towing the other car. The quadrasteer feature made backing the trailer an event to watch. I felt like I could back that trailer anywhere.

Eddy took us to a nice range. I got my EOTech sighted in. We got to catch up briefly and made it home with everything in one piece.

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  1. Your mother says:

    this is a new firearm ?

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