Arrival of Wilma and Betty

You may remember me mentioning a while back that I found a couple of 1985 Mercedes Benz 300D’s a week or so ago. The previous owner, TC, shuttled them both to my house tonight. He was going to use the green one (Betty) as a parts doner for the silver one (Wilma), but hated to disable one and just didn’t have enough time to get everything done that needed worked on. So I have no excuse for not proceeding with my vegetable-oil conversion now. I need to get one of them road-worthy and I’ll be set. I’m pretty excited about this, as I have never dealt with diesel engines before.

This is Wilma:


This is Betty:


They are sharing half of the driveway right now. (Amber doesn’t see the beauty in these jewels, yet)


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9 Responses to Arrival of Wilma and Betty

  1. amber says:

    I call them POS #1 and POS #2. Prime example. Brian tried to turn one of them around tonight and it died and wouldn’t start. He had to do some pushing.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Oh my, yet ANOTHER Brian Gallimore project.

    Did you even finish the shed yet?

    Amber, you should take away his internet access until he start completing some of his projects and starts collecting a return on his investments. :)

  3. Jonathan says:

    his YOUR investments

  4. Steve says:

    Please translate “POS”. Pretty old sled, precious ornate shuttle, pregnant old slut, . . . ? Don’t keep me guessing.

  5. admin says:

    Jonathan, how dare you even bring up the subject of taking away my Internet access! I thought you loved me? How can you even think of doing that!

  6. Jonathan says:

    LOL, I know your weakness!

  7. Don Chappell says:

    How much for the conversion kit I keep threatening my significant other that I’m going to do the same. Tired of supporting Saudi. Whats it take for the refinement process.

  8. admin says:

    Don, I think the right answer is “it depends”.

    I’m planning on getting a second fuel tank, a heater for the tank, a heated fuel filter, heated fuel lines, and the solenoid valve…. My budget is $1000.

  9. Your mother says:

    they look clean anyway

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