This boy is destructive

My co-worker Damon brought a box full of toys for Bryson. He showed me the one his daughter liked best. It was the musical keyboard that had lights and figures than moved and danced as you played. I put new batteries in it, and sure enough, Bryson loved it. He was especially fascinated by the one character that spun round and round. He kept grabbing at the spinning part, and before long, it stopped spinning and just started making a clunking noise. I think there was about 5 minutes of movement before he broke it for good. geez. (sorry Damon)


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One Response to This boy is destructive

  1. Damon says:

    Dude! Dont feel bad at all. I assure you, Remy very likely gave Bryson a head start.

    Nonetheless, Bryson is still a chip off the old engine block for sure. Im just thinking, wait till you buy him his first car.

    You just keep on being a good daddy, and dont worry about those toys.

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