More Shed Progress

It seems to progress SO slow, but we are making progress at least. Brandon came over Saturday and we worked on trim and filling in holes. Now all that remains is the gable soffit and trim then painting it all. I bought a bunch of heavy-duty shelves… so I can start moving stuff in anytime. Our grass was very tall and thick, and after it was cut, Dasher managed to get grass stains, not sure how, but he looked funny.

Original Pictures
In other news:

I went and looked at a couple of Mercedes Benz Diesels Saturday morning. Each one of them was in pretty good shape, but had issues that made them undrivable. The guy made me a good deal, so I bought both of them. I’m going to have to educate myself on how to work on these old cars. Everything on them seems to be vacuum operated. They are too cool though, everything about them… Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll have lots to say as time goes on. (Amber is sick of hearing about these cars already)

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