Entry for March 17, 2008 – Trying out WordPress

Since the news that Yahoo will discontinue their 360 service, I’ve been looking at alternatives.

The most appealing to me is to have complete control over everything. I found WordPress, and am currently giving it a test run. I installed it on a really old and cheap computer that was already set up with a Linux distribution that my music server is running on. So far, it seems to run well. I haven’t decided what kind of theme I want to use yet, but I’ve got it operational with a pre-made theme I downloaded. I also installed the Google AdSense plugin, just to see how that works, plus a few other little things.

So check it out:
The address should be pretty easy to remember. The RSS feed seems to work. None of the registration stuff has been set up, so I’m not sure that will work. Please comment on what doesn’t work and what needs help.

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